About Barbara Burke

Barbara BurkeBarbara is a Toronto-based author, multimedia artist, and educator. She is also an inspiring speaker, workshop leader and spiritual coach.

She taught for 29 years in the Toronto school system before becoming a facilitator of personal-growth retreats for The Hoffman Institute Canada.

In addition to enjoying words, she has appreciated the intrinsic healing power of color all her life. In her lifelong pursuit of spiritual wholeness, Barbara has pursued a wide range of interests. Her current work is informed by her experience of studying Dr. Helen Schucman's A Course in Miracles (Temecula, CA: Foundation for Inner Peace, 1976), mindfulness meditation, energy healing, and most profoundly her work with the Hoffman Institute.

Barbara is the author and illustrator of I Am Divine, a boxed set of 52 beautifully illustrated cards that use healing colors to visually represent each powerful I Am Divine affirmation. The accompanying book of meditations expands on the affirmations from the cards. I Am Divine is now available through the Apple iTunes Store as an app that will work on the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad.

She has also published an inspiring, one of a kind, 12-month journal, which she calls "A Year of Living Your Divinity". This unique journal includes beautiful watercolor mandalas, prose and poetry to support each person to connect more fully to their divine essence.

Barbara’s most recent creation is a set of children’s I Am Divine Cards, which are now available for purchase. Each set contains 32 beautifully illustrated cards and an accompanying booklet with a meditation for each. These cards are guaranteed to bring a sense of wonder, spirituality and mindfulness into the lives of children.