I Am Divine Cards Children's Edition

I Am Divine Children's Edition

Order your children's edition of the I Am Divine cards now!

The I Am Divine cards for children are a set of 32 beautifully illustrated I Am Divine affirmation cards with an accompanying reading for each created by Barbara Burke.

Affirmations include I Am Divine Resilience, I Am Divine Inclusion, I am Divine Play, I Am Divine Love, I Am Divine Truth, and others.

What a great way to help your child build their own daily practice and nurture their connection to their own spirit!

I Am Divine Resilience


I Am Divine ResilienceI Am Divine Resilience Life can be like a rollercoaster ride. Some days are filled with joy and happiness. You feel like you are on the high point of the rollercoaster. On other days, you might be sad or troubled. You feel like you are on the low point of the ride.

Since life has challenges, it is important to be resilient. What does that word mean? Imagine stretching a rubber band as far as possible. That might be how it feels when you find life hard. You are stretched to your limit. Now imagine letting go of the rubber band. Notice that it returns to its original shape. That is what resilience is like. You can bounce back to being your own lovable self.

How can you develop resilience? Let's start with your body. Make sure you always get a good night's sleep, because your body needs rest. Also, eat nourishing foods. That will give you energy as well as help your body stay strong and healthy.

Now, let's think about your emotions. We all make mistakes or fail sometimes, especially when we try new things. When this happens, it is very important to be kind to yourself. Talk to yourself in the voice of a friend. Remember all the ways you are proud of yourself. Congratulate yourself for having the courage to try something new. Remind yourself that every new skill takes practice, and that with time you will improve. Mistakes don't change the fact that you are a being of love and are lovable. Recall that several times a day.

Next, consider the people around you. Surround yourself with good friends who always see the best in you and stand by you when life gets hard. Most importantly, your spirit is whole and perfect. It never changes. Connecting to your spirit each day will remind you of the truth of who you are.

Make a practice each day of acting in ways that show love to yourself.

Remember, you are Divine Resilience!

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